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Flat Flex Cable (FFC) Interposer

Flat Flex Cable (FFC) Interposer

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Need to debug an LCD, sensor, or other device that uses a flat flex cable (FFC) connector? The FFC interposer breaks out all the pins on up to a 40-pin cable, allowing you to probe whats going on without messy soldering.

The FFC interposer comes with two high quality, 40-pin, 0.5mm pitch FFC connectors pre-soldered, and has a large 2.54mm breakout header in the center. A 2x20pin, 2.54mm header (not included) can optionally be soldered in place to use this board as a 2.54mm to FFC converter.

To probe shorter cables, just align them to the top of the board when snapping them in.

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