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CH55x reset controller

CH55x reset controller

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The CH55x Reset Controller is a one-touch solution for putting WCH CH554 and CH552 microcontrollers into bootloader mode. The reset controller performs a simple sequence to achieve this:

  1. Disconnects both power and USB data lines from the devive
  2. Connects a 10k resistor from 3.3V to the D+ USB line
  3. Connects the power and USB data lines to the device
  4. After a short delay, disconnects the 10k resistor from the device


  • This will only work with USB-powered CH55x devices, if the device has power from a battery or other power source, the CH55x will not reset
  • Connect the computer to the 'DUT IN' micro USB port
  • Connect your WCH CH55x device to the 'DUT OUT' USB A port
  • This board was designed to work with 3.3V powered CH55x devices. It may work with 5V powered devices, but this is untested.
  • The board includes a 'control in' connection for remotely controlling the bootloader sequence, however this is not supported in the software for the device.
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