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1.27-2.0-2.54 pogo pin perfboard

1.27-2.0-2.54 pogo pin perfboard

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This is a perfboard for pogo pins. The perfboard is 95mmX95mmX0.8mm.

Sometimes we need some tools to test or debug or program the chips on the PCBA. We usually use off-shelf test rig. But sometimes it is hard to use it if the test points are in the middle of the board and I don't want to wait weeks to get the custom rig from the workshop.

I build this perfboard which i can build my own jig with P50,PL75, P100 pogo pins for different spacing like 1.27/2.0/2.54mm. The board is HASL with 0.8mm thickness which make it easy to cut with shear scissor or copper wire cutter.

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