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WS2812-2020 8*8 matrix

WS2812-2020 8*8 matrix

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This is a WS2812-2020 LED matrix with 64 miniature, full-color leds, spaced at a 6mm interval.

You can controller it with our Blinkytape controller and our free software Pattern Paint, or with your own Arduino controller.

    • PCB type: FR4 (it is not FPC, so it is NOT Flexiable)
    • PCB size: 58mmX58mmX1mm
    • Mounting: 4pc M3 mounting holes
    • Connector type:PicoBlade 3p (also well-known as JST-1.25 on Aliexpress/ebay etc.)
    • LED spacing: 6mm
    • 5V power
    • 64 full-color RGB LEDs
    • LED type: WS2812
    • LED package:2020 (metric)
    • Compatible with WS2812/neopixel protocol
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