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Touch Sensor Light Controller

Touch Sensor Light Controller

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This is a simple touch sensor light controller for none-digital led elements which range 5~24V, max 0.5A.

I like to build my own lamps and miniature with LEDs . It is not like a lot of digital led controllers, I just want some simple dimming or on/off features and  also available to add the touch pad with a wire.


  • Dimension 62mmX22mmX16.3mm with terminal blocks.  62mmX22mmX12mm without terminal blocks. The without terminal block version is for solder the wires onto the pcb directly.

  • Power Input: 5~24V

  • LED max current 500mA. You can modify the Q1 and R2 to get higher current

  • Power input fuse 750mA

  • Reverse voltage input protection: 30V max


Schematic and other information please refer to the github

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